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Microtronix Company Profile


Microtronix South Africa is a PC Board Assembly factory, operating from premises in Strydom Park. The company in its current format has been in operation for over 17 years.

The Microtronix factory is based in Strydom Park, Randburg. The premise has a total floor space of approximately 5000m squared for manufacture and assembly.

Microtronix South Africa has overtime become the largest contract manufacturer in the country employing over 280 people. The company forms part of the metal industries bargaining council and hence falls under the council’s main agreement. The company has approximately a 30% union representation administrated under NUMSA. Microtronix South Africa has good employee relations and has never experienced any industrial action.

Operational Management team

CEO and owner – Mike Goodyer, over 20 years’ experience in contract manufacturing and PC board assembly.
Operations Manager Shaun Rampursad, qualified engineer, 20 Years’ experience in electronic manufacturing previously from UEC.
Non Exec – Louise Goodyer, 20 years’ experience in contract manufacturing administration and a qualified educational psychologist.

Industry Overview
There are currently about seven noteworthy players in the Industry, the largest being, UEC owned and operated by the Altech group. Although they are the largest PC board assembler they only make decoder and set top box units for the likes of Mnet. A close second in size and manufacturing capability would be Microtronix South Africa with about 20 % local market share and climbing. Microtronix South Africa has 11 high speed, state of the art lines and the current capacity to produce over 150 000 boards per month.

Manufacturing Equipment
Microtronix South Africa has 18 Yamaha SMD machines and three brand new Universal assembly machines the newest being only 6 months old this is complimented by a host of other state of the art machines. These include, but are not limited to Ovens, Printers, AOI Scanners and X-ray equipment.

Assembly Capabilities
Microtronix South Africa 11 SMD production lines. Six of the lines are high speed lines mainly dedicated for large volume production runs, two of which are dedicated to customer supply orders only. The other two lines are used mainly for small production runs and various prototyping. Most the pick and place machines are Yamaha Gantry type capable of placing up to 22 000 components per hour but we also have two Samsung and now Three universal pick and place machines bringing our total factory capacity to in excess of around 350,000 parts per hour (SMD). Each production line has a dedicated reflow oven which is capable of reflowing lead free components. Our main lines are also equipped for Nitrogen reflow.

All SMD boards that are manufactured at Microtronix go through Automatic Optical Inspection machines to ensure perfect quality of SMD manufacture. All boards are also manually and visually inspected. The high volume production lines are fully automated. PCB's are automatically loaded onto the SMD line where the components are mounted, reflowed and then automatically unloaded without human intervention. Printing is done on vision enabled DEK screen printers.

Microtronix has two fully automated axial and radial insertion machines to insert conventional parts such as radial and axial components which are used for large conventional production runs, and LED conventional insertion these machines could provide a very useful tool in assembling the power supplies for STBS.

Conventional parts that cannot be machine inserted are inserted on one of five hand insertion lines where irregular sized or odd shaped components are inserted. PCB's are then soldered through a Wave Flow Solder Machine as standard. Microtronix also has a hand soldering department where the post fit or more complicated work is done on the product. This combination of equipment makes Microtronix a world class turn Key electronics contract manufacturer.

PCB Testing
Our testing department is manned by qualified test technicians and if required, all PCB's are tested to our customer’s requirements. This ensures that the customer is given a fully tested working product. Test procedures must be supplied by the customer. Test fixtures and bed-of-nail testers can also be provided by Microtronix.

The following services are currently offered by Microtronix:

  • Component procurement.
  • Surface Mount Technology assembly.
  • Automatic Optical Inspection.
  • Conventional assembly by hand or machine.
  • Assembly and testing.
  • Prototype assembly
  • PCB washing system.
  • Quality control (ISO 9001:2000 standard).
  • Automatic selective conformal coating line. (Precision Spray Valve only avoiding connectors and no-go areas).
  • Packaging and delivery.